“What happens in Vegas….”

by 1st VA on November 12, 2009

…isn’t going to stay in Vegas this time!

I had a fabulous time at the Ali Brown Shine Event this past weekend. I met incredible entrepreneurs! I enjoyed my luxurious suite at the Venetian with a good friend and colleague. I got my picture taken with “Elvis”. I ate great food. And even though my feet hurt from walking so much in my high heels, and even though I didn’t win any money gambling – I’m so glad I didn’t miss it!


A client had asked me to share with him my 2 biggest take-aways from being at the event, so I thought I would share here also.

1. There is an incredible power in being surrounded by amazing entrepreneurs. I left inspired, motivated and more jazzed about my business than I’ve been in a long time. The new projects and ideas I’m going to start working on aren’t overwhelming me, rather, I’m excited to implement and begin to increase my company’s offerings to serve more people.

2. I don’t have to try to squeeze my company into one business model. My business isn’t a cookie-cutter business and the reaffirming that it’s okay to utilize parts (or all) of more than one business model was huge for me!

While there were so many more take-aways – these were the biggies for me. And while there is some “grumbling” online from people who were unhappy with certain things about the event – I feel it’s a shame that these folks weren’t open to receiving any “good” from being there.


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