VAs: Do you have business boundaries?

by 1st VA on December 29, 2009

I recently held open call times for virtual assistants so they could call in to ask questions about my 2010 VA coaching programs.  During these calls I recognized a common issue among several VAs and that was that they had no established business boundaries.  I can’t say I was entirely surprised as this is a big part of what I coach in my private platinum and group programs – how to set and maintain boundaries.  However, some of the details that I heard were beyond comprehension.  One VA allowed her client to call at all hours of the day and any day of the week, and the client expected her to answer while she was out doing errands, during dinner, or socializing with friends.   SAY WHAT? AND.. she never charged the client for any of this time!  I encourage her to keep track of how much time she spent on the phone that she didn’t charge the client for in one week, and calculate how much lost revenue that works out to be for an entire year.  I think she’ll be stunned.  This is NOT the way to create a 6-figure VA business!

This is just one example, and it’s a pretty extreme one. And, of course, in this case it’s not JUST about boundaries – there are some other issues here as well.

However, some other of the women I spoke with were too close to their own situation to even recognize some more minor boundary issues that prevent them from building  a 6-figure business.  And that’s what happens when you’re in your own business day-to-day without getting outside support.

Setting appropriate boundaries is just one of the things we focus on creating or reworking in the Step It Up VA Private Platinum and Group Coaching programs


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