The Great Rate Debate

by 1st VA on September 18, 2009

In almost 6 years in business I’ve listed our rates on our website about 85% of the time.  There were a couple of brief periods where I took them off the site – this being one of them.  My philosophy was that I don’t want rate-shoppers and tire-kickers calling me – spending an hour of my time – falling in love with me – only to have them quickly get off the phone when they hear how much we charge.  However, I recently took the advice of a colleague and removed them.

I do understand her point of talking with people first to explain the value, benefits and results they’ll get from working with us.

Our rates are on the high side for VAs – I know that.  However, we’re slowly morphing away from Virtual Assisting and solely into the specialty of Online Marketing, which allows us to charge more.  Yet – folks still think of us, or find us online, as a VA company.  So they get ‘sticker shock’ when they hear our rates.

Until our branding is complete – I’ll be putting our rates back on our website.  My time is valuable and spending 20-40 minutes with a rate-shopper just is a very poor use of my time.

Where do you stand on the great rate debate?  Would love to hear your position!


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