Seven Easy Ways to Promote Your New Product or Program Online

by 1st VA on August 30, 2009

So you have an exciting new product or program.  You’ve surveyed your target market and you know it’s something they want and need.  So, you hire a copywriter to create a great sales page for it and then you expect quick sales (and lots of them!).  Yet – no one is buying.  You announce it to your list.  You add it to your ezine and website.  Still… no one is buying.   What is going on?
There could be many reasons, but chances are it isn’t being promoted enough or consistently.

Here is a list of ways to promote your new offering online.

Website and Blog: These are the most obvious.  Your target market is visiting your website and blog, so, of course, you’ll want to be sure to highlight it on your home page as something new, and in a way that will catch the reader’s eye.
Ezine: Another “given,” but including your new offering in each ezine as a “recommended product” or service will give folks several chances to view the offering.  I also suggest doing a solo promotion as an official “product launch.”
Tweets and Posts: If you’re not sure what this means, then it’s time you get a lesson in social media.  You should be tweeting about your new product regularly (as much as 3 times/day) on twitter and posting regularly on Facebook.  Now – know this will only work if you are also including valuable information/communication in your tweets and posts.  Solely announcing something you’re selling will seem “spammy,” and only turn people off.
Affiliates: Give a great commission, and have your affiliates sell your offering for you.  Make sure you are giving them plenty of sample emails, tweets, blog posts and graphics for their marketing materials, and offer sales tips and suggestions — don’t expect or ask them to come up with materials and a sales pitch on their own.
Article Writing and Submission: Write articles relating to your new offering that would appeal to your target market, and submit them to online directories, such as  Include an appropriate bio with a call to action that takes readers directly to your sales page.
Free teleseminar: It’s important to leave no question unanswered, especially for a higher-priced offering.  Host a free teleseminar (or several) that will give people a chance to call in to ask questions about your product/service.
Joint Venture:  Perhaps a colleague has a non-competing product, but a similar target market.  Figure out a way to offer something together that will promote each other’s product at the same time, and to each other’s lists.
Remember that it takes anywhere from five to nine times for someone to look at something before they’ll become buyers.  So, promoting in as many ways as are available to you, and consistently, is the key.

Good luck!

Donna Toothaker is CEO and founder of 1st VA the highly sought-after online marketing and consulting company. 1st VA specializes in providing online marketing support and services to entrepreneurs and solopreneurs who wish to effectively build or improve their online presence. To discover how 1st VA can help your business – visit

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