Down time for creativity

by 1st VA on August 22, 2009

Okay – so I still have vacation on the brain.  I’ll be leaving on Monday for Cape Cod for the week.  While I’m excited for swimming with the kids in the ocean (I’m a fierce boogie boarder!), hanging out at the indoor/outdoor pools, playing some air hockey at the arcade, and maybe  a little mini-golf – what I’m equally looking forward to is some real DOWN time.  When I’m most quiet and reflective (leaving lap top at home!), is the time that I become the most creative, and get the most exciting business ideas.  THIS, along with awesome family-time, is what I’m excited for next week!  So I look forward to lounging in the sun, reading a few books (bringing business AND ‘fun’ books), and relaxing on the patio.  I’ll be bringing a notebook for any ideas that come to mind.

September is filled with a writing schedule to get my product written by October 1.  While I’d love to get a head-start on this next week, I’m not scheduling it in, so there’s no ‘pressure’.  I may write, I may not write and however it ends up will work for me.  It’s important that I don’t put writing pressure on myself or it won’t work for me – it won’t happen.  If I’m inspired to write – I will.  I can’t ‘force’ creativity or schedule a ‘task’ in during my creative time.

Do you schedule your own down time?  When does creativity flow easiest for you?  I would love to hear what works for you!

Enjoy your week and I’ll be back with pictures and oodles of great ideas!  :-)


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