Announcing: Online in a Month (.com)

by 1st VA on June 11, 2009

We quietly launched an exciting new program back in April – Online in a Month. And with all the kinks and bugs worked out, we’re ready to announce it loudly and in a BIG way! This program is very unique and (might I say?) incredible! We’re taking folks who aren’t online, yet know they need to be but don’t know where to start, and we’re creating for them a complete online presence and in 30 days! This includes a blog site, ezine, 1 Shopping Cart set up, custom headers, – the works! There are several awesome bonuses included and we’re not just sending folks away with an online presence – we’re giving them instructions on how to maintain it themselves for the long haul.

You can read more about this exciting program here at!

To help us spread the word on this extremely needed program – we’re offering a ridiculous (good ridiculous!) affiliate commission of 20% for any referring sales. That’s almost $1000 just for telling someone about this program who then signs up!

Think about your friends and colleagues who have been saying they need to get online, or need to improve their online presence and then sign up for our affiliate program. You’ll be helping them out and making some good money, too!

You can sign up for our affiliate program here.

Learn more about Online in a Month!

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